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Underfloor Heating

  • Underfloor Heating
  • Underfloor Heating
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Advantages of Underfloor Heating

One of the major advantages of underfloor heating is the way in which it can be successfully combined to work with heat pumps.  Concentrated heat can be delivered by a heat pump to provide domestic hot water up to 60˚C while feeding the floor heating system at a lower efficient temperature.

Our underfloor heating systems are designed to optimise the efficiency of heat pumps so not only is your renewable energy heating system more efficient overall, it is delivering a constant, controlled heat and can help reduce running costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

As there are no moving parts to an underfloor heating system, there is little that can go wrong. If correctly installed, pressure testing of the pipes means any potential leaks will have already been identified at an early stage and dealt with prior to screeding. As a result, one more of the advantages of underfloor heating is there are no regular maintenance costs to incur unlike traditional convection heating.

What can underfloor heating do?

  • Heats your property – domestic or commercial – new build or retro fit
  • Provides increased comfort for lower running costs
  • Can connect to other renewable energy technologies such as

How do they work?

  • Scallan Renewables installs wet systems only
  • Pipework is laid in channels or fixed to insulation on the floor & connected to a manifold
  • Heats to height of room where most needed not rising to heat unused space in high ceiling rooms

Underfloor Heating Underfloor Heating

NEW “Onfloor” Heating

This might just be the ideal system for your refurbishment project because the heating system is laid directly onto new and existing floors. It’s thin too. From just 13-30mm build height (depending on which of 3 types you choose) plus your floor covering, there’s every chance we can help you find a great solution for your project.

On Floor Heating

Thanks to its minimal depth of around 1 cm, Uponor Minitec is the perfect system for renovation projects. The Uponor Minitec sheeting element, with the Uponor PE-Xa pipes measuring 9.9 x 1.1 mm, is easy to lay on existing screed, timber or tiles. The adhesive layer on the back of the sheet guarantees a secure bond during installation.

The levelling layer is installed just above the studs, resulting in an increase in floor height of only 15 mm. The special design of the sheeting elements ensures that the levelling compounds flow well and can bond directly with the substrate.

On Floor HeatingFeatures:

  • Small increase in floor level of about one centimetre
  • Minimal installation effort during renovations
  • Heats up quickly and can be regulated efficiently
  • Tried-and-tested Uponor PE-Xa quality
  • Low system temperatures

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Find out more

Find out more

You can find out more about underfloor heating on the official manufacturers website by clicking on the following link –

Installation Time

Installation Time

You will be advised on the expected installation time in your free estimate and is dependent upon size.



To make sure you get an affordable underfloor heating system suited to your needs, your equipment will be supplied by Uponor.



* Only by using MCS Accredited Installers & equipment will you qualify for RHI & FiT.

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