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Wood Pellet Stoves & Boilers

Wood Pellet Stove

Benefits of a wood pellet burning stove.

Pellet stoves are designed to heat on demand so when a room or heating system reaches the correct temperature they switch off saving fuel and giving a more comfort and better economy than traditional wood stoves. The fuel is clean to use and leaves less than .5% ash to dispose off. The wood pellets used contain only saw dust and wood chippings that are bonded together by high pressure by the woods own natural chemical Lignin and as more trees are now planted than felled this fuel is truly sustainable.

You can purchase them in easy to handle single bags or bulk loads and are normally of a guaranteed quality with very low moisture content, producing more heat (5kwh/kg) per kilo than using conventional logs at (2-4kw/kg.)

No need to stockpile fuels years before you use it like you need to do with tradition wood stoves. Pellets can be purchased in convenient 10 or 15kg bags, or in bulk with waterproof bulk storage containers now available.

Key Features of Wood Pellet Stoves

  • Use sustainable wood pellets
  • Attractive & free standing
  • Greater efficiency than conventional heating systems
  • Qualify for RHI due in 2012
  • Easy to install – no need for chimney
  • Can supply heating and hot water
  • Can operate for 5 days on a single load of pellets

How do they work?

In simple terms, these electrically controlled stoves burn pellets to generate heat in your room through convection.

For an excellent explanation in detail about how wood pellet stoves work, try visiting the howstuffworks website.

Wood Pellet Stoves Wood Pellet Stoves

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Find out more

You can find out more about wood pellet stoves on the official manufacturers website by clicking on the following link –

Installation Time

Installation Time

You will be advised on the expected installation time in your free estimate and can take approximately 2 – 3 days.



To make sure you get a long-lasting and stylish wood pellet stove suited to your needs, your equipment will be supplied by Hargassner.


*Only by using MCS Accredited Installers & equipment will you qualify for RHI & FiT.

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